How to prevent chafing

How to Prevent Chafing; Causes, Tips, Practices, Cures

Have you experience chafing or do you have this problem and perhaps you don’t know what it’s and how to deal with it? This issue happens to many people most especially athletes. When running, they get friction that leads to chafing due to mainly putting on outfits that are not appropriate. Having said that, it does not mean it does not happen to other people who are non-athletes, well it does, and the main cause still leads us to lack of proper clothing.

Leading Chafing Causes

Lots of friction; too much chafing that results from working out, putting on your best tight skinny jeans or walking can make your skin fragile.

Excessive sweating; too much moisture can break down the top layer of your skin leaving it irritated, chafed and painful as well. Excessive sweating creates body odor also, see how to get rid of body odor.

Irritating Workout Gear; if you don’t wear appropriate outfits that are suitable for your daily workouts, it will cause irritation on your beautiful skin hence causing chafing.


Simple Tips for Preventing Chafing

  • Don’t use harsh soaps which can affect your skin and even making the situation worst. Our skin just like other parts of the body require proper care, therefore, using natural soaps can be beneficial to you.
  • Put on soft outfits at daytime and also at night to avoid rubbing or chafing
  • Apply plain Vaseline instead of creams with fragrance to avoid irritating your skin
  • Visit your medical doctor if the situation is not changing because at times it can even cause infections since when the skin breaks, it’s exposed to bacteria and yeast which can endanger your skin to serious trouble.

Specific Spots that are Exposed to Chafing

There are specific areas of the body that does experience chafing; these include armpits and nipples. Still, everything points up to too much moisture which comes as a result of sweating mostly during summer. When the weather is hot, you realize that many people sweat, and some do not even have an idea of what to do like removing the sweaty clothing. The following are some of the key ways on how to prevent chafing.

How to Prevent Thigh Chafing

The following are some of the preventive measures that you can follow to prevent chafing most especially on the inner thigh

Keep It Dry

Since chafing occurs mostly as a result of sweating, always keep a little tub of baby powder inside your bag mostly while exercising or when the weather is extremely hot so that you can sprinkle a little on the thighs because it will soak up surplus wetness while you are out.

Lubricate Your Skin

Use lubricants such as Vaseline jelly before carrying out any workouts or even taking a walk because it will efficiently safeguard you against chafing. Such oils help your thighs glide past one another instead of scraping or pulling the skin. See how to get glowing skin.

Reduce Friction

This is one of the easiest techniques of preventing since it only requires you to put one suitable cloth. For example, putting on a pair of cycling shorts beneath to minimize friction and while exercising, wear attires that are made of moisture wicking textiles like synthetic fibers as well as outfits that contain smooth layer since this will not only help diminish chafe but also maintain your skin as dry as possible.

Wash and Dry Carefully

If you find yourself experiencing chafing regularly, the primary source might be a lack of proper care, therefore, be very careful on the kind of soaps you use because some of them can irritate the skin. Use soaps that are mild and gentle or those that do not contain any chemicals. Natural soaps do not cause irritation.

According to Medline PlusWhen rubbing causes  Chafing /skin irritation, these tips may help:

  • Avoid coarse clothing. Wearing 100% cotton fabric against your skin may help.
  • Reduce friction against your skin by wearing the right kind of clothing for the activity you are doing (for example, athletic tights for running or cycling shorts for biking).
  • Avoid activities that cause chafing unless they are part of your typical lifestyle, exercise, or sports routine.
  • Wear clean and dry clothing. Dried sweat, chemicals, dirt, and other debris may cause irritation.
  • Use petroleum jelly or baby powder on chafed areas until the skin heals. You can also use these before activities to prevent chafing in easily irritated areas, for example, on your inner thighs or upper arms before running.


Best Practices to Prevent Chafing

  • Wash carefully and ensure its dry
  • Use a towel to dry
  • Apply baby powder
  • Soothe Chafing Inner Thighs

Why do you soothe chafing? Well, it can be a painful experience at times, so it’s very crucial to relief the discomfort as quickly as possible. Try natural remedies such as aloe Vera gel which have fatty acids such as lupeol that are alleged to contain pain alleviating properties. Aloe Vera Gel has been used by several individuals for decades, and they utilize the unprocessed one as in straight from the plant to get rid of the discomfort.

  • Give your chafed skin time to heal
  • Apply right aftercare to avoid further friction
  • Always ask for advice from your doctor for any problem regarding your skin
  • Deal with the problem as soon as possible before it causes too much damage to your skin.

How to Stop Chafing when Running

You may be an athlete who is looking for ways for preventing a skin rash in between your thighs during all marathons you participate in, well no need to worry because there are various methods that will help you avoid chafing before it begins or even gets worse.

Method 1; adjusting your clothing

Put on a proper outfit when running or during exercises for example attires that are not tight as well as those made of synthetic fibers, not cotton because synthetic fiber elevates moisture from your body whereas sweating hence reducing the possibility of chafing.


  • Put on compression shorts
  • Select exercise outfits and sports bras that contain smooth seams
  • Change the pants and shorts you are wearing if you notice problems when you put on them
  • Change out your sweaty outfits instantly since when you stay a long time with them can lead to chafing.

It’s vital to stay regularly dry since a wet skin can make chafing worse that it is. You can only achieve this by ensuring that that to don’t stay sweaty or wet after every workout at all times. Change into clean, dry attires immediately.

As discussed above, chafing isn’t a pleasing condition though it might not seem to be a serious condition. The fact remains it requires both preventive and curative measures as you might find you already have it. According to the information above, you can notice that the main cause is sweating and wear improper outfits while running or on your daily routine workouts so the best solution is to follow all the methods and tips stated above that you may not be a chafing victim.

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