Complete Guide To Get Rid Of Leg Cramps

Leg cramps are quite painful, and it comes faster but can last for several minutes. Another name for Leg cramps is Charley horses. The treatment for this problem is accessible, but it’s imperative to find out the leading causes of leg cramps.

Causes of Leg Cramps

  • Cold weather
  • Too much of exertion on muscles
  • Sudden movement of foot or leg
  • Dehydration
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Kidney dialysis
  • Underactive thyroid gland
  • Pregnancy

Many individuals consider massage as the primary reaction to leg cramp which is good. Therefore you ought to apply pressure by using your fingers to the exact part of the foot that is cramping as well as pressing tightly on the areas where the pain is precise.

The good thing with massage is that it decreases the tension. Furthermore, it aids the blood to flow to the affected muscle.

How to get rid of leg cramps 

Here are the simple easiest remedies to get rid of leg cramps. If you continue these process you can permanently get rid of this irritated disease.

  1. Stretching and Flexing

This exercise helps a lot when a foot cramp suddenly hits from nowhere. It involves extending your leg in front of you either when sited or standing.

Stretching for leg cramps

Alternatively, you can also place your toes to the sky and stretch. How does it work? Well, it increases the flow of blood to the affected spot and relieves the cramp. It’s advisable that you stay in a stretching location until the pain disappears.

  1. Use Hot or Cold Compresses

When you rub the affected area with ice, it will relief the swelling so as to relax the muscle cramp. In case you are using a heating pad, make sure that the temperatures are comfortable to prevent yourself from getting burned.

Occasionally, hot or cold compress will eradicate the pain instantly; however, it’s best to leave it there for around 10 minutes to ascertain that the pain totally disappears.

  1. Eat Foods or Drinks That Contain Vinegar

This is because vinegar has acetic acid which will assist the body to make acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter which is responsible for improving the functionality of the muscles.

vinegar for leg cramps

So when you have more acetylcholine in your body, the more your muscles will function. Taking apple cider vinegar and pickle juice which is dissolved in honey and it will ease the cramps faster.

  1. Take Too Many Fluids

As stated above, dehydration is among the causes of leg and foot cramps; therefore, taking too many fluids is the biggest remedy. Dehydration results from conditions like diarrhea, and kidney failures too which raise the possibility of cramps.

In the same way, too much sweating during your workouts or due to sickness will result in too much loss of fluids.

  1. Take Medications and Supplements as well

Occasionally, deficiency of particular vitamins or minerals is the primary causes of leg cramps because they are very significant in the body. Food supplements such as magnesium and calcium can help in eliminating muscle cramps very quickly.

supplements for leg cramps

The doctors also advise that you take muscle relaxants and vitamin E is you have common muscle cramps. Although you should first contact your medical adviser before taking any supplements.

How to get rid of leg cramps while sleeping

Cramps of the lower extremities along with stiffness and pains in the knees are common complaints in the general population.

According to American Family Physician,  “Up to 60 percent of adults report that they have had nocturnal leg cramps.”

Leg cramps can strike anyone at night; However, the seniors and pregnant women are more exposed to leg cramps in most cases. Below are the tips you can use when this situation occur to you.

1. Use a hot compress;

Elastic heating pad or a hot water bottle will help loosen and relax the muscle hence relieving the cramps. However, you must be keen and watchful not to fall asleep while applying the compress.

2. Get potassium into your system;

potassium for leg cramps

It’s most likely that lack of potassium can result in overnight cramps in your legs and if you are getting sufficient potassium, then eating various food sources of potassium is important.

# These potassium sources include:

  • Grapefruits and oranges
  • Fruits such as nectarines, apricots, bananas, raisins, dates or grapes
  • Pork, saltwater fish, and lamb
  • Broccoli or the cabbage family of vegetables

How to eliminate leg cramps in the thigh

In various cases, when muscle cramps strike the leg muscles mainly can turn into an unbearable situation which is not only painful but may as well interrupt everyday activities like sleep.

Even though they aren’t a serious health issue, they as well require treatment and can be eradicated by the use of natural home remedies like diet, exercise, massage, and stretching.

How to get rid of leg cramps while running

Many athletes experience cramps when running and it is not an easy situation, this happens mostly when running a marathon or even after running in the summer.

leg cramps while running

However before trying to eradicate the cramps, first establish the type of cramps you are having or about to experience so that you can look for preventive measures for the muscle cramps when running.

For example, muscle overloading and fatigue cramps and the best treatment of these cramps include massage and passive stretching along with putting ice in the affected muscle.

Regular exercises for everyday situations such as the following;

1.When have menstrual periods

The best practices at this moment are doing yoga, taking a walk and swimming as well.

yoga for leg cramps

2. When on kidney dialysis;

Weight lifting when on dialysis is very crucial because it improves the quality of life, muscle strength, and muscle mass. Secondly, take a walk for at least 30 minutes daily since it promotes a healthier lifestyle.

3. When you are pregnant;

During this stage, many women are more exposed to leg cramps, and they can perform low impact exercises, swim and walk for not more than 30 minutes.

4. Practical tips

Leg cramps strike as a result of various reasons which include; unhealthy lifestyle and behavior as well as the presence of weak muscles. Take a healthy balanced diet to improve the flexibility and the potency of the muscles.

This must be combined with standard workouts which will not only build body tissue power but also prevent the cramps from occurring.

Adopt suitable sleeping position since the majority of people experience leg cramps mostly while sleeping. This will help lessen the possibility of cramps from happening.

Doing exercises while on dehydration is hazardous because it can lead to significant dangers. All you can do while dehydrated is to take plenty of water. Fluids are essential in the body and mostly to athletes; they are more exposed to dehydration because a lot of water is utilized through sweating

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