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Natural Remedies for Depression- Top 14 Remedies

Depression is a mental illness that affects the brain. A recent study revealed that around 14.8 million American adults are affected by depression, which is 6.7 percent of US population. Depression also can be found in kids below 18 years.

It makes changes in person’s brain chemistry that lead to many symptoms. It fundamentally affects on our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. However, they can also cause physical problems. The symptoms are as follows:


  • Sad
  • Guilty
  • Angry
  • Moodiness
  • Hopelessness



  • Trouble with making decisions
  • Trouble with remembering
  • Thoughts of harming own self
  • Suicidal thoughts


  • Cutting off the social cord
  • Substance abuse
  • Missing college, office or other communities

Physical problems:

  • Lack of energy
  • Tiredness
  • Difficulties with sleeping
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Sexual problem
  • Difficulties with sharing feelings
  • Unexplainable pain

Anyone can fight against mental depression. All they need to do just gather all the encouragement and positiveness together and this list of natural remedies for depression.

Top 14 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Depression

1. Follow a routine

If you are going through depression, you need to get through a routine. Setting and following a daily schedule will help you to get back on the track.

2. Eat healthy

Eating healthy and tasty foods have always been considered as natural remedies for depression. Do not forget a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

3. Get enough sleep

You may have trouble with sleeping during the depression. But you have to sleep sufficient to fight against depression. Taking proper rest will help you bounce back over your physical and mental tiredness.

4. Set goals

During the period of depression, you may feel like hopelessness. That is why you need to set goals for yourself. They are very effective natural remedies for depression.

5. Challenge your negative thoughts

To fight against depression, you have to stay positive. Getting rid of depression is a conflict in your mind, and you need to win this by challenging your negative thoughts.

6. Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and Yoga are the two most effective natural remedies for depression that will work for any age group. People from 8 years old to 80, anyone, can give meditation or yoga a chance to get rid of depression.

7. Massage Therapy

Any touch therapy is based on the platform to heal your mind, soul, and body. From Swedish Massage Therapy to Thai massage or Aromatherapy, you will fill find your way back to calmness by any message therapy.

8. Exercise and workouts

Working out with proper guidance will help you to win the war against depression. Free hand or weight lifting or jogging, any exercise count in the best natural remedies for depression.

9. Follow a passion or hobby

Any passion or hobbies like singing, dancing or painting will help you to get back your way towards life. You can also consider watching movies or playing games for fighting against depression, as they have been reviewed for natural depression remedies.

10. Try to have fun

If you are depressed, try to have fun. Hang out with your friends or just play a hand of poker, do whatever that gives you the opportunity to enjoy your time.

11. Share your feelings with someone you believe in

Sharing the thing that makes you feel low with someone like your friend will make you feel much better. This is very easy but the very effective natural remedy to fight against depression.

12. Music Therapy

Different kind of music can be used as natural depression remedies. All you need is a mp3 player and songs of your taste. However “Blues” and “classic rock and roll” songs are suggested for music therapy.

13. Try acupuncture therapy

Acupuncture is an excellent remedy for the fight against depression. The therapy is done by entering needles through your skin. It involves 400 body points. During the process, your body starts to release endorphins. Acupuncture will make you feel calm, happy and relax. Acupuncture will be the best in any list of natural depression remedies. However, the process is slightly costly as you need a licensed acupuncturist for it.

14. Interact with a pet

Interact with your pet on a regular basis will help your mental health to recover. Pets are uncomplicated lovers, and very active. By touching their body, you will get relief. It does not matter who is your pet a dog or rabbit, but they will help you to fight against depression.

Remedies at Particular Situations during Depressions


Depression During Pregnancy

The state of doing nothing makes a pregnant lady get depressed. They can do mindfulness meditation and yoga to fight against it. However, prenatal massage that is also called pregnancy massage is very effective for expecting mom’s mental and physical health.

Treating Depression while Breastfeeding

Breast-feeders mom needs to take care of their health for the sake of both mummy and baby. They need to eat healthy for physical fitness. As a mindfulness activity, they can do exercise, meditation or yoga.

Treating Depression in The Elderly

Older adults basically need medication for getting rid of depression. However, their mental illness can be treated by natural remedies for depression. They can try psychotherapy, meditation or yoga for fighting against depression.

Depression Health Center

Quick Tips for Dealing with Depression

  • Stay focused
  • Eat healthy
  • Take proper nap
  • Avoid negative thoughts
  • Follow your passion
  • Keep yourself busy in social activities
  • Try to enjoy yourself
  • Do workout or exercise
  • Try various massage therapy
  • Do meditation or yoga
  • Take care of a pet
  • Listen to good music
  • Consider playing games or watch movie or drama for mind diversion
  • Try helping others
  • Talk to your friends about your mental condition


So these are the best natural remedies for depression. Anyone can try this at home. Depression is curable; just never lose your hope under any circumstances.  However, a person having a depression for more than two years is suggested to visit a doctor.

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