Home Remedies for Dark Circles Under Eyes

Home Remedies for Dark Circles Under Eyes

Worried about Dark Circles? Want to bring back the fresh look of your lovely face? We can give you some simple and natural ways to remove dark circles. Although this is not a serious health issue surely appears as a flaw on one of the most adorable parts of the body.

Dark circles refer to dark discoloration of the under-eyes skin. The darkened skin makes the face look exhausted while sucking its fresh charm. It is generally an older age symptom but is also found in rarity among the youth but Home remedies for dark circles under eyes can make those dark circles go away.
Several natural substances have a skin-lightening ingredient which can evade dark circles from your delicate face. These natural substances are totally chemical-free and you can completely rely on them.

What causes dark circles under eyes:

If you are developing dark circles recently and feeling depressed by their formation, you need to stop worrying. At first, try to find out the main cause of your dark circles and use home remedies for dark circles under the eyes to get rid of them. The following things are Causes of Dark Circles:
• Aging
• Prolonged crying
• Longer hours of work before screen
• Mental or Physical stress
• Lack of sleep
• Unhealthy diet
• Dry skin
• Disclosure to the sun

Home remedies to get rid of dark circles under eyes

There are several home remedies to remove dark circles but we have compiled only the best materials that have much more beneficial characteristics than other home remedies. They bring guaranteed results but demand your dedication and routine work. Heeding some steps will prevent the formation of such circles. To get rid of your problems, just stick to these fundamental procedures.

1. Almond Oil:

Almond oil to reduce dark circles

Almond oil contains essential ingredients like Vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids which not only helps to get rid of dark circles under eyes but it also makes the skin glowing and soft to touch.

How to use almond oil to remove dark circle under eyes:

  • Take some Almond Oil on the tip of your finger.
  • Massage it gently on the Dark Circle using your fingertip.
  • Leave it on overnight.
  • Rinse it off with Cool Water in the morning.
  • Repeat this process daily to get your desired result.

2. Cucumber:

cucumber to reduce dark circles

Cucumber lightens the skin and also helps to reduce the dark circles under eyes naturally. You can use cucumbers to reduce Dark Circles under Eyes in a short period of time without having any side effects.

How to use Cucumber  to cover dark circle under eyes:

  • Cut a cucumber into pieces and freeze for half an hour.
  • Apply onto the affected area for 10-15 minutes and wash properly with water.
  • It is equally effective with lemon juice. Apply the mixture with some cotton to the affected area and wash similarly to get away with circles.

3. Potato:

potatoes to reduce dark circles

Potatoes contain natural bleaching agents that lighten skin when used regularly over time. The combination of coldness and starch creates an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces swelling of the vessels which are under the eyes to diminish the dark circles.

How to use Potato against dark circle under eyes:

  • Grate a potato and take out some juice from it.
  • Soak a piece of cotton into the juice of potato.
  • Apply it onto the darkened area of your eyes.
  • Leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Rinse it with cold water.

4. Rose Water:

rose water to reduce dark circles

Rosewater is a natural, affordable, effective way to reduce the appearance of dark circles once and for all. The anti-oxidants in rosewater strengthen and regenerate skin cells. Besides, it penetrates deep into the skin, opens the blocked pores and clears the dead cells.

How to apply rose water for dark circle under eyes :

  • Soak a cotton pad in pure rose water.
  • Apply on the closed eyelids.
  • Then, leave it to work for 15 minutes.
  • Do this for twice a day and every day for at least two weeks.

5. Tomato:

Tomatoes are rich in various nutrients, including vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin B, Sulfur, Iron, Potassium, Phosphorus and calcium. Bleaching properties of tomato and all these nutrients made it a great skin lightening agent.tomato to reduce dark circles

How to use tomato as a home remedy for dark circle under eyes: 

  • The bleaching properties of tomatoes can be useful to lighten up the circled eyes.
  • Apply the mixture of tomato juice and lemon juice on the affected area.
  • Keep the mixture on for 10 minutes then rinse it off with water.

We have so many natural resources around us. We just need to adopt useful techniques and persevere over a long time in routine. These home remedies are great to reduce dark circles under eyes. These remedies can even makes the skin glowing from your eyes.

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