how to get rid of back pain

How to Get Rid of Back Pain; Lower , Upper And Middle

Many people believe their treatment for lower back pain don’t exist and that it regularly takes a practice of trial and error to locate what can work best for them. In many cases conventional approaches will focus on tackling the anatomical issues in your lower back, however, for some individuals, more of a sophisticated approach will perform an excellent task at keeping the pain at bay.

Main Causes of Lower Back Pain:  

Painful menstrual pain; this also results in lower back pain and the term used to describe that kind of pain is called Dysmenorrhoea.

It mostly happens to most women at all ages but to a few of them, they experience this pain but once they get pregnant and give birth, periods will no longer be painful.
And here are the most effective home remedies for back pain

Home remedies for lower back pain

#Egos Cue Method:

This is a very exciting technique since the underlying premise is easy; you are feeling pain due to chronic inactivity which deteriorates specific muscles as well as tightening others and it’s true the premise works.

It has been proven by famous celebrities and experienced athletes and below is some of the exercises you are supposed to do along with the instructions.

 1. Static back

  • Lie on your back with both the two legs bent at right angles on a block or even a chair
  • You may just rest your hands on your stomach or lay your arms out at the side just below shoulder level with palms facing up
  • Let the lower back relax as you breathe from your stomach
  • Hold for around 5 to 10 minutes

2. Static Extension on the Floor

Severally, back pain is caused by the rounding of the back or flexion from bad postural habits and slouching or sitting. This exercise will remind the back on how to enlarge well.

  • Kneel with hands on the floor situated beneath your shoulders
  • Allow your back and head rest towards the floor
  • Allow your shoulder blades come simultaneously and ensure that there is an arch in your back
  • Keep the elbows straight; however, shift your hips forward 6 to 8 inches so they are not aligned with the knees.
  • Hold for 1-2 minutes

The egos cue technique has worked for numerous celebrities as well as highly experienced athletes. They have used it get rid of chronic and lifelong pains even after very many years.

#Trigger Points

The art behind trigger points suggests that several chronic pains in the body are as a result of tension in the musculature. These are the origin points of these pains, and the approach to arouse the relaxation of these points is profound massage to calm down the area which is slightly a painful procedure.

The most exciting thing regarding this method is that even if you think your pain may come from a particular area, for example, your knee or lower back, hardly ever differ in that case. Normally, something is going wrong somewhere in the surrounding musculature, quite than at the spot of the ache. This is known as referral pain, and it’s vital to remember. The place that hurts is merely just collateral injury.

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Upper And Middle Back Pain

Upper And Middle Back Pain

Both middle and upper back pain is as a result of various reasons. This kind of pains can sometimes be unbearable but always put in mind that you don’t need to go through treatment, yet there is a broad range of exercises which you can do so that you eliminate the pain.

Maybe you are asking yourself why you will need to exercise yet the pain is too much, well these workouts will be of great help, what’s more, you will not spend too much cash for the pain to disappear. However, before taking any other step for treatment, you have to understand the key reasons as to why you are experiencing middle and upper back pain.

Causes Of Upper and Middle Back Pain


Back pain is very common during pregnancy. However, it must be avoided. According to research, between 50% – 80% of women experience various forms of back pain throughout pregnancy. Such pain can be mild but might as well progress to chronic back pain.

2.Wrong exercises

Not all people understand various types of activities and the tips of how to do it perfectly. What happens when you do the wrong exercise is that the wrong muscles get targeted and in the process, it will strain the other parts of the body.

3.Excess Exercising

Too much exercise without sufficient rest will strain the muscles a lot. This is the major reason as to why people are not instructed to lift weights for two days in a row. The plenty amount of time must be given so as the muscles can recover as well as becoming stronger.

4.Wrong sleeping 

wrong sleeping

When you don’t sleep properly, you are most likely to experience back pain which can result in severe health condition if no steps are taken. Most especially exercise.

Top 3 tips to get rid of middle and upper back pain

There are many advantages of doing exercises. Apart from the body becoming stronger and healthier, these workouts are intended to target the pain that you are causing in your middle and upper back.

When you do the following exercises frequently, you will indeed notice a lot of difference.

1.Child Pose

  • The first thing is to kneel on the ground as well as bending your head as tightly as possible to the ground
  • Stretch your hands forward
  • Stretch your hands backward. Bear in mind that you ought not to change your initial position whereas stretching
  • Touch your head to the ground in a slow way and remain in that same position for around 20 minutes
  • Do this for at least two times a day

2.Sitting Rotation

  • Select a chair that has an armrest
  • Sit on the chair uprightly
  • Slightly turn to the left as you put your left hand on the left armrest
  • Place the right hand on the left arm rest too
  • Remember not to turn your neck when the rest of your body turns to the left
  • Return to the initial position and perform similarly to the right hand

3.Head Stretch

  • Sit on the floor with your back straight and ensure that your posture is accurate
  • Lay your hands on the back of your head and pull your head forward gradually
  • Gradually bring your chin towards your chest location
  • Hold this position for around 10 seconds


When back pain strikes you, take ibuprofen most especially is the pain is as a result of inflammation. You can take it for a few days to reduce inflammation. Getting a massage therapy is also very significant since it will help to loosen knotted muscles as well as increasing healing blood flow to the muscles.

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