How to Get Rid of Mosquito Bites


It may’ve happened to you while traveling.

If you leave in a really wet environment or even while living in the city if you live your window opened during the night. The thing is that mosquito bites can be really annoying and sometimes painful.

That is why it’s important to know how to get rid of them and how you should deal with them. In this article you’ll see how to get rid of mosquito bites easily and how to prevent from mosquitoes actually biting your skin when you’re not looking.

Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites

Even after being attacked by a mosquito – which is never a good feeling – you should try to reduce itchiness without actually scratching the wound (which we’ll dive into further in this article).

Here are some at home ideas to reduce redness and prevent possible infections:

1. Aloe

Apply the gel from the inside of the leaf to the bite. While having lots of benefits, easing into the itching and swelling is one of them.

2. Soap

Make sure to rub it over the affected area while it is dry. This is a temporary solution to the itchy feeling.

3. Toothpaste

This one is something that really comes in handy, especially for applying it right after the mosquito bites you. It keeps the area cool and fresh.

4. Lime/Lemon

It helps the same purpose as toothpaste, but also helps with redness and swelling.

5. Salt

Create a paste of water and salt and rub it directly in the area. Just make sure it’s finely ground.

6. Honey

As aloe, this one serves a lot of great purposes for your skin and health in general. It also helps to fight bacteria and reduces swelling.

7. Oatmeal

Another great alternative to keep a healthy skin, it can also help to dry the wound. It will stop the itchy feeling as well.

8. Vinegar

We recommend this if you have multiple mosquito bites. Take a bath of warm water and add 2 1/1 cups of vinegar. Apple cider vinegar works best for this case.

9. Garlic

If you don’t mind the smell and a little burning sensation before relief, this is a good and natural way to reduce that itching sensation. The smell is actually a benefit since it repels the mosquitoes from biting you again later.

 10. Onion

Even if it makes you cry, is worth the try. It helps to take the sting out of the bite. Place it over the bite and leave it there until the itching is gone. Make sure to wash the area afterwards.

How to Treat Mosquito Bites

Keep in mind:

It is really important to act quickly after getting bit by a mosquito. This can prevent an infection and any kind of bacteria that could get into the open wound.

Another big thing to consider after being bit by a mosquito is checking for any other symptoms such as fever, headaches and body pain in general. Check the area in case it is really swollen and has a different color than red.

Mosquitoes can carry different diseases such as West Nile Virus, malaria, and yellow fever. Be sure to check when traveling if where you are going there are a lot of mosquitoes that carry certain disease.

…Also keep an eye on children during the summer in case they get bit by a mosquito so you can treat the wound right away and prevent other health problems in the future.

The ideal thing to do after getting bit by a mosquito is to disinfect the wound and apply something that gives a cooling sensation to the affected area, and reduces itchiness too (see remedies above). If you want to help reduce the size and feeling of the bite, be sure to apply the remedies every day until it’s gone.

Here are some things you should/shouldn’t do when treating a mosquito bite:

  • DON’T scratch your wound!
  • DO put a bandage or tape (sounds weird but works) to avoid scratching.
  • DON’T try to pinch it! It just makes the pain even worse and can make the wound bleed.
  • DO wear long-sleeved clothes while being near mosquitoes.
  • DON’T trust in eating certain foods that could help you with the pain.
  • DO wash the bite frequently and put alcohol or any disinfecting agent after being attacked by a mosquito.

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

When traveling, it’s always important to avoid getting bit by mosquitoes. Not only because of the annoying feeling and the way it looks, but also because of the diseases that as unlikely as they are to get it’s not impossible.

Here are some of the best tips to travel and have a great time around mosquitoes and still make it through with almost no bites:

  • Wind is your best friend: A breeze of above 1 mph helps to blow away mosquitoes since the wind is too strong for them to fly. When the breeze is that strong (for them anyway), they tend to fly close to the floor. Use a fan to direct the force downward and completely blow them away.
  • Candles and Coils: Avoid using them unless the smoke of them gets in between you and the mosquitoes.
  • Keep your heart rate controlled: When you exercise or even drink alcohol, your heart races and your body produces more CO2 which attracts mosquitoes even more.
  • Wear the right clothes: The material of workout clothes helps to keep away mosquitoes since they can’t get through it. Synthetic fibers and garments which offer sun protection can help you block bites.
  • Clothing is important: Dark colors attract mosquitoes (and other bugs such as bees) since they contrast with the horizon and really stand out. Light colors just seem less attractive to them.
  • Identify peek mosquito bites: When the sun comes up/down is when mosquitoes are really active and out there. As said before, the lack of wind during those hours benefits the mosquitoes.
  • Traps are not trustworthy: Although they are high-tech and can actually attract bugs, they are never able to catch them all.
  • Repellent can’t get you out of trouble: Be sure to pack it in your suitcase beforehand. Look up the concentration of DEET and percentage of picaridin, since a high concentration can cause irritation to the skin if applied in high doses.
  • Natural is sometimes the best: Oils and other herbs can help you repel mosquitoes for a while too.
  • Cover yourself a bit more: It’s just common sense. If they don’t see our skin, it’s less likely that you’ll get bitten.  
  • Mosquito nets in your bed: You’ll still be able to breathe, and mosquitoes won’t be able to bite you in your sleep.
  • Lakes are not safe: Standing water such as ponds and lakes can attract mosquitoes more easily.
  • Stay cool: Getting too hot can attract mosquitoes quite easily since they like warmer bodies.
  • Keep an eye on the children: They are not aware of what a mosquito can do, and as they are more active than adults during road trips they can attract a lot more mosquitoes.
  • Don’t trust foods: Eating certain things can’t avoid you getting bit by a mosquito; it’s just another urban legend. Instead, do your research about the place you are staying in to know which products and methods you should use.

We hope you use our tips to avoid having a hard time when traveling, special if you’re going to a really hot and wet environment.

Even if it is not going to be a long road trip you should still acknowledge when it’s better to be out in the sun, exposed to all sort of insects.

A lot of people get the wrong picture about mosquitoes and how dangerous they can be, so they decided to ignore science and follow their gut or even some advice from friends who claim certain things can keep you bite free.

But thanks to the information and advice we’ve given you, your barbecue summer days and family road trips to tropical places will be nothing but fun.

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