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The immune system of our body protects our body from foreign particles called Allergens which can hinder the smooth functioning of the human body. In some cases, even though these allergens may be harmless in nature but the body reacts to them in an exaggerated way. This causes irritation and uneasiness in the body. Home treatments for allergies are secure and long-term choices. Let’s choose Home Remedies For Allergies as your own taste.

An allergy can be caused by dust, drugs, animal hair, pollens, heat, cold, sunlight, and various other factors and even foods like milk, eggs, wheat, fish, tomatoes, and much more. Allergy can result in sneezing, swelling, itching, running nose, rashes, and even asthma.

Medicines usually treat these allergies for the short term but are not able to cure them permanently. Therefore, home remedies for allergies are safe and long term option.

Home Remedies for Allergies

Natural Home Remedy for Allergies using Castor Oil

Properties: Castor oil is extremely beneficial for treating allergies relates to nasal passages, skin, or the intestinal tract.

Castor Oil as a Remedy for Allergies:

Mix 5 drops of castor oil in water or any fruit or vegetable juice. Have this mixture daily in the morning with an empty stomach.

Homemade Remedies for Allergies using Honey


Honey is a powerful anti-allergic and antitoxic allergy agent. It is an antihistamine as well as a decongestant due to which it is a good cure for allergies.

Honey in Home Remedies for Allergies:

Mix some lime juice, one glass lukewarm water, and one teaspoon honey. Taking this daily in the morning with an empty stomach gradually strengthens the immune system.

 This acts as an anti-allergen and helps in flushing out the harmful toxins in the body.

Simply having a teaspoon of honey every day is also beneficial for prevention and cures for allergies. This helps in fighting allergies caused due to pollen.

Herbal Home Treatment for Allergies using Ginger


Ginger is very powerful in treating allergies. Ginger is beneficial for killing the virus responsible for cold. Ginger is helpful in reducing the Plate-Activity Factor (PAF). Ginger facilitates the reduction of the PAF which causes inflammation that occurs due to allergies.

Ginger as a Cure for Allergies:

Cut ginger into fine pieces and add warm water and honey to it and consume. Chew the pieces of ginger properly for the best effect. If you are unable to eat the pieces of ginger, then you can add about 2 teaspoons juice of ginger instead of pieces and consume.

Ginger can also be added in a more than usual amount id salads or food for utilizing its benefits for allergies.

Ginger can also be added to your routine cup of tea for utilizing its benefits and flavoring the tea.

Treatment for Allergies using Carrot Juice


Carrots are extremely rich in various nutrients like vitamin A, B, C, D, E, B6, thiamine, folic acid, and magnesium. It boosts the immunity level which helps in fighting allergies

Carrot Juice as a Home Remedy for Allergies:

Mix about 100 ml. of beet and cucumber juice in 400 ml. carrot juice and have it at least once in a day. Else, you can consume 500 ml. of carrot juice. This is an extremely useful remedy for allergies. This helps in building resistance to allergies.

Home Remedies for Allergies using Garlic

Properties: Garlic is a decongestant and it is also helpful in stimulating the immune system which helps in protecting us from allergies.

Garlic as a Natural Cure for Allergies:

Add butter in 2 or 3 cloves of garlic and have it on an empty stomach in the morning.

In case it is difficult for you to have garlic with butter, you can also add generous amounts of garlic to your food and consume.

Herbal Home Remedies for Allergies using Basil Leaves


Basil is an extremely effective home remedy for allergies. It strengthens the immune system for fighting allergies.

Basil Leaves as a Treatment for Allergies:

Basil leaves could simply be chewed for making use of their benefits or could be added in warm water and consumed after setting them aside for some time.

You can also add basil leaves to your routine cup of tea while preparing it and consume. It not only helps in making use of its benefits but also as good flavor and taste to your tea. Therefore, not only is this one of the best home remedies for allergies but also the easiest method for fighting allergies.

Treatment for Allergies using Green Tea


Being a natural antihistamine, Green tea is an effective home remedy for allergies.

Green Tea as a Remedy for Allergies:

Have 1 or 2 cups of green tea on a daily basis to treat your allergies. It is best to add some honey instead of sugar for a better effect. Not only does it work as a medicine but also as a sweetener for the tea.

Ensure that the honey that you add is local honey so that it results in the best effect for home treatment for allergies.

Other Home Remedies for Allergies

  • Peppermint tea is also beneficial for relieving congestion as well as for treating cold, sinus, and congestion caused due to allergies.
  • Thyme tea is useful in fighting congestion, cold, sinus problems, stuffy nose coughs, and sore throat caused due to allergies.
  • Consumption of thyme tea once in a day or at the occurrence of the effects of an allergy is beneficial.
  • Mix one teaspoon turmeric powder in warm milk and add some honey to it. Have this mixture 2 or 3 times in day in order to treat allergies to treat the problem of cold and sinus due to allergy.
  • Cleansing your sinuses with the help of a neti pot is a good home remedy for allergies. It is especially helpful for cold and sinus caused due to allergies.

Diet for Allergies

  • Avoid foods with preservatives.
  • Have foods rich in folates like broccoli, carrots, spinach, and asparagus for the natural treatment for allergies.
  • Dairy Foods
  • Dairy foods should be eliminated from your diet at the occurrence of an allergic reaction. This is so because; dairy foods lead to further congestion by accelerating the production of mucous in the body.
  • Wheat

In case you have seasonal allergies, you should avoid the consumption of wheat during the allergy season.

Try To Avoid Fats

Avoid the consumption of fats at the onset of an allergic reaction. This is so because, under the pressure of an allergic reaction, the digestive system is not that effective in performing its functions. Therefore, since fatty or oily foods require more effort by the digestive system to digest may not be digested properly and the indigestion of food can further stimulate the production of mucous and create an unhealthy environment in the body.

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